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Our Chunky Car MALAS

Our Chunky Car MALAs are hand knotted using 27 natural gemstone, 12mm beads, a quarter of a full MALA. Designed to hang from your car's rearview mirror, our Chunky Car MALAs can be powerful reminders of your intentions, accompanying you on your car journeys, while infusing your vehicle with natural gemstone energies. They are also to be used in the same way you would a full MALA, with the exception that they cannot be worn. Tracing the 27 beads four times around your Chunky Car MALA will create the same meditation space and timeframe as a full 108 bead MALA. We hope you enjoy your Chunky Car MALA!

Want to learn about the gemstones in the MALA you are purchasing? View our Gemstone Quick Guide.

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