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Gemstone Properties - Quick Guide

Photo of Afghan Jade, a creamy natural white, apple green and light brown stone that promotes serenity


Tranquility, peace, promotes wisdom, luck and harmony, offers protective shield

Photo of Amazonite, a stone in soothing blue-green hues, known to inspire truth and flow.


Speak your truth, flow like water, feel strength through serenity, allow surrender, feel deep inspiration.

Photo of Amethyst gemstone, treasured for its rich purple tones, high vibrations and transformational properties.


Transformation, spiritual wisdom, protection, heighten psychic powers, sleep and addiction aid

Photo of Angelite, a pale lilac-blue stone with snow-white flecks and occasional rusty inclusions, known as the stone of awareness.


Comfort grief, improve communication, connect with your angels, spiritual healing

Photo of Apatite, a teal blue stone that promotes willpower


Strengthens willpower, supports wise choices, helps to detox unhelpful patterns, brings clarity

Photo of Aquamarine, in soft shades of clear to opaque greenish blues, known to reduce stress and gently promote courage.


Courage, calm, quiet the mind, promotes self-expression, helps with closure

Photo of Aquatine Blue Calcite, a dreamy aqua green-blue and natural beige stone that promotes peaceful communication


Happiness and calm, promotes peaceful communication, patience, harmony and balance

Photo of Astrophylite, a semi translucent black stone with shimmering lines and starbursts that promotes enlightment


Illuminates the true self, a catalyst for transformation, helps us express our true light

Photo of Green Aventurine, an opaque stone speckled with shiny particles, known as a positive stone of prosperity.


Prosperity, leadership, decisiveness, calm anger, emotional healing

Photo of Azurite gemstone, with its rich azure royal blue, a stone that brings insights and serenity.


3rd eye awareness, clarity, deep serenity, stress relief, rise-up and be your best self

Photo of Black Moonstone, a variety of Moonstone with a dark base and blue/silver flashes, that promotes new beginnings.


Dark Goddess and new moon energies, protective, deflects negative energies, deeply supportive of new beginnings

Photo of Black Tourmaline, with its shiny jet black, almost silvery appearance, and long striated structure. A protective stone for grounding.


Shamanic stone, protection against negative energies, removes fears, grounding

Photo of Bloodstone, a dark green stone with flecks of red, loved for its detoxifying properties, and considered a magical Talisman by many.


Courage, mysticism, detox, protection, tap into your inner magician

Photo of Blue Lace Agate, a pale blue stone with fine white and darker blue banding, known to promote peace of mind.


Calming, increase inner strength and stability, stay in the moment, very healing

Photo of Botswana Agate, a natural colored stone featuring intricate fine banding of white, black, shades of earthy grey and touches of salmon hues. It is known to increase positivity in times of loneliness.


Comforting, soothing and protective stone, helps with loneliness and anxiety

Photo of Bumblebee Jasper, a black and yellow stone that promotes creative drive


Opportunities, gives inspiration for creativity and passion, stay focused and positive despite challenges

Photo of Carnelian in fiery orange and vibrant golden hues; a stone of vitality, confidence and creativity that can light up your inner passions.


Brings energy, confidence, creativity, vitality, get inner fires burning

Photo of Chrysocolla, with its stunning blue-green colors reminiscent of turquoise, is a stone that nurtures and activates the feminine aspects of intuition in all of us.


Activate your empowered femininity, speak your truth with grace, intuition and power

Photo of Chrysoprase, a stunning apple green stone, often flecked with brown geothite inclusions, known as the "feel better" stone.


Brings hope, personal insights, acceptance of oneself/others, forgiveness and compassion

Photo of Citrine, a warm and bright translucent yellow stone that brings sunshine energy and can help with manifestation and owning your power.


Sun energy, own your power goal-setting, creativity, manifestation magic, abundance

Photo of Clear Quartz, considered a Master Healer crystal that can bring clarity and connection to higher consciousness.


Transformation, clarity, healing, connect to higher consciousness, supercharges other crystals

Photo of Coral, a bright red stone with some markings similar to wood grain, known to promote positivity and relieve stress.


Reduce stress and nervousness, tunes up the imagination and brings peace within, joy and wisdom.

Photo of Crazy Lace Agate, with swirly bands and lines of predominantly cream, brown and grey, with occasional ochre, gold and red. A stone of happiness, known to balance emotions.


Promotes happiness and laughter, very balancing, absorbs and heals emotional pain

Photo of multicolored Desert Jasper, featuring swirls of purple, terra cotta, gold, grey and deep greens, a stone of fire and earth energies.


Fire and earth energies, deeply grounding, strength, stabilising, nurturing

Photo of Dragon's Blood Jasper, a dark green stone with blood red inclusions, stone of bravery and heart.


Bravery, increase resiliency and focus, ignite your creativity and self-love

Photo of tumbled Emerald, a medium to dark opaque green stone with black and white inclusions, known for its abundance and protective qualities.


Abundance, luck, fertility and vitality, promotes health, protective Talisman for travel

Photo of Fancy Jasper with its mixed palette of mauves, lilacs, creams and greens, known to inspire well-being.


Tranquility, focus on the here & now, calm the heart and mind, well-being, inner strength

Photo of Fire Agate in swirling luminescent brown-orange hues, known to shield and activate vitality.


Inspired action, shield of protection, clairvoyance, emotional control, release fears

Photo of Flower Agate, a pastel pink stone with white blooming flower patterns, known to promote personal growth


Meaningful personal growth, manifest your full potential lovingly, new beginnings

Photo of Fluorite, with its translucent green and purple-wine bands, known as a stone of focus, clarity and productivity.


Focus the mind, good for decisions under stress, concentration, meditation

Photo of Fossil Coral, with intricate honeycombed patterns in soft creams, greys and browns, known to guide us in our own transformations.


Connect to past life and other dimensions, inner peace, grounding

Photo of Garden Quartz, a clear to cloudy Quartz containing green, wine and brown garden like inclusions, great for meditation.


Mystical dreams, connect to ancient plant/forest energies, harmony in relationships

Photo of Garnet, a deep red wine stone known for its earthiness and grounding properties, and creativity generating energies.


Passion, sensuality, earthiness, creativity, grounded kundalini energy, an ally in times of crisis

Photo of Golden Rutilated Quartz, a clear Quartz with shimmering golden strands that feel energizing, light-filled and full of hope.


Attune to Higher Self, brings Light energy and spiritual knowledge

Photo of Golden Sheen Obsidian, a translucent to opaque black stone, with a beautiful gold sheen across the surface that shines in direct sunlight, that promotes access to inner knowledge


Disolves negativity, shines light on our true self, on root of problem, illuminates paths to correct it

Photo of Green Rutilated Quartz, a translucent pale green quartz that features grass like blades of rutile, that promotes opening of the heart chakra


Helps to open the heart chakra, clear negative emotions, encourages acceptance of self and others, brings positive thought

Photo of Howlite, a white marbled stone with grey veins, known for its deeply calming  properties.


Very calming, sleep aid, helps overactive mind and anger, strengthens positivity and memory

Photo of Green Jade,  a stone of luck, wealth and prosperity, symbol of purity, wisdom and tranquility.


Intuition, luck, wealth, abundance, prosperity, success, know yourself

Photo of Kambaba Jasper, an intricately patterned stone with dark green and black swirls that promotes spiritual confidence


Peace, spiritual confidence, self awareness, connection to all living things, past, present and future

Photo of pale minty green Kiwi Jasper with flecks of black, a stone know to bring deep inner harmony and balance.


Nurturing, soothing during times of stress, harmony, balance, addiction release

Photo of Kyanite, a pearly, shimmery blue stone featuring unique blade like shapes that filter negative energies away from the person, allowing positive energies to come in.


Energy cleansing, realigns the chakras, enhances communication, brings calm and tranquility

Photo of Labradorite, a grey stone flashing iridescence of blues, greens and violets . A magical, protective stone of intuition, wisdom and knowledge of self.


Be here now, intuition, wisdom, protection, 3rd eye activation, see things in a new light

Photo of deep blue Lapis Lazuli with shimmering flecks of golden Pyrite, a regal stone known for authenticity and self-awareness.


Transformation, honesty, self-awareness, mysticism, integrate wisdom learned

Photo of Mahogany Obsidian, a reddish brown and black stone that promotes grounding and feeling safe.


Very grounding and protective, helps us let go of unworthiness, reach your full potential

Photo of green Malachite with its dark and bright green swirls, a stone that inspires self-worth and commitment.


Heart chakra energy, enhances self-worth, willpower, commitment and self-forgiveness

Photo of Rainbow Moonstone, a shimmery, milky white stone with  rainbow flashes, connected to Moon magic, Divine Feminine and deep intuition.


Moon wisdom, divine feminine, intuition, empowered Goddess energy, emotions

Photo of sweet, peach-pink Morganite, a stone of light, love, purity and promise


Brings pure love, sweetness and romance, deep heart healing, compassion and promise

Photo of Moss Agate, a green opaque to clear stone with moss like  patterns, the stone of Mother Gaia and wellness..


Wealth, growth, new beginnings, self-esteem, release anxiety, stress and tension

Photo of Black Obsidian, a glossy volcanic glass known for its energy-shielding and grounding properties.


Protection, energy shielding, decision-making and divination, grief releasing, grounding

Photo of Onyx, a typically black marble-like stone that can also have bands of grey, white and smoky clear, a stone of willpower.


Decision-making, strength, protection, helps grief, self-control, yin/yang balance, grounding

Photo of Picasso Jasper, a limestone with brush stroke-like patterns and lines of grey, black and brown, known to instil self-confidence and clear creative blocks


Creativity, change, perseverance, grounding, calming, settle stress and anxiety

Photo of Picture Jasper, a stone of rich, natural brown hues of the earth, known to deepen our connection to earth consciousness.


Mother Earth, brings hidden feelings from present/past lives to the surface, harmony

Photo of Pietersite, a mottled, iridescent golden brown and grey-blue stone known to connect you to your inner guidance.


Activates all chakras, enhances willpower and intuitive capabilities, connects you to your own inner guidance

Photo of Pink Opal, a semitranslucent to opaque, soft pink stone that promotes healing of a saddened heart


Heal a saddened heart, strengthen connection to inner self, encourages self compassion and feelings of self worth

Photo of Pink Tourmaline, a stone in various shades of pale to deep pinks, in raw, opaque or transparent formations, known to promote compassion.


Love of humanity, promotes sympathy, understanding, unconditional love and friendship

Photo of Prehnite, a vitreous to pearly light green stone with dark green Epidote inclusions, known to deepen your inner knowing.


Unconditional love, inner knowing, connect with higher self, harmony with nature

Photo of  Pyrite, a metallic gold stone of confidence, self-esteem and abundance.


Boost productivity, confidence, fiery creativity, luck, wealth and abundance


Anchor positive change, bring balance, calm an overactive mind

Photo of Red Jasper, a deep red stone with an earthy appearance, that promotes vitality and stamina.


Vitality, security, strength and stamina, deeply grounding with connection to Earth energies

Photo of Rhodonite, a stunning stone of pink and black swirls known for heart healing and protection.


Deep heart healing, grief releasing, stabilising, boundary-strengthening, protection

Photo of Rose Quartz, the rosy pink stone of everything love, compassion and kindness.


Unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness, compassion, attract love, heal heartbreak

Photo of Ruby in Zoisite, a medium green opaque stone with black mineral marks and deep magenta ruby patches, known to encourage return to self.


Return to self, relaxation and healthy habits, new beginnings and growth, open the heart, heal grief, growth and rebirth

Photo of Serpentine, an opaque yellow-green stone with black and white mineral inclusions, known for its energy cleansing properties.


Cleanse, detox, open psychic abilities, past life exploration, compassion, forgiveness

Photo of Shungite, a black sheen rock that can be used for protection grids and meditation.


Detox, purify, protection powerhouse, energy neutralisation, restore emotional balance

Photo of Smoky Quartz, a translucent to smoky brown stone excellent for transmuting negative energies.


Energy cleansing, transmutation, stress relief, grounding, enhances meditation

Photo of Snowflake Obsidian, a glossy, pure black volcanic glass with white snowflake shaped mineral inclusions, known for its purifying properties.


Peace of mind, release anger, resentment, unwanted behaviour patterns

Photo of Sodalite, a royal to light blue stone, mottled with white veins or patches, known for combining truth and logic.


Be true to yourself, stand up for your beliefs, harmony, trust, communication

Photo of Strawberry Quartz, a pinky Quartz with small inclusions of pink trace minerals, known to promote self-love.


Love, peace of mind, calm, restful sleep, see the reality in any situation

Photo of Sunstone, a semi translucent, iridescent stone in warm golden-orange tones associated with Sun energy.


Joyful and light-inspiring, instils joie de vivre, profound connection to light and sun energy

Photo of Tiger Eye, an iridescent brown and golden, very activating stone that boosts courage and provides protection.


Activating, call to action, courage and protection talisman

Photo of Tourmalined Quartz, a clear to cloudy Quartz with Black Tourmaline needle inclusions, a very protective stone.


Balances Yin/Yang energies, harmonizes polarities, heal self-sabotage

Photo of Tree Agate, a white stone speckled with green foliage-like patterns, that promotes stability


Connection to peaceful nature, strengthens relationships with self and others, calming, personal Talisman for inner peace

Photo of Turquoise, a magnificent blue-green stone known to provide guidance as you walk your path, and connect to Earth.


Earth wisdom, wholeness, protection, integrity and truth

Photo of Unakite, an olive green and salmon pink stone that gently promotes visualization.


Visualisation, helps to integrate insights from the past, balances emotions, brings gentle calm

Photo of Unicorn Stone, a shimmery stone of lilacs and purples, with magenta pink inclusions, know to bring healing and help us tap into our own magical self.


Gentle healer, find stillness, joy and sense of play, release fears, magical dreams

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