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One-of-a-kind Half MALA necklace, hand knotted with 54 (8mm) high quality, natural gemstone beads featuring beautiful Obsidian and Smoky Quartz


Energy Shileding Half MALA is hand knotted on durable nylon, black thread. It features silver plated T-clasp and spacer beads.


Obsidian: Protection, energy shielding, decision-making, divination, grief releasing, very grounding.


Smoky Quartz: Energy cleansing, transmutation, stress relief, grounding, enhances meditation.


Our Half MALAs are approximately 22.5" - 23" (57-58.5cm) in total length. They are worn as a short necklace and can also typically fit 3 times around the wrist to be worn as a bracelet. The length is approximate as each MALA is unique and their length may vary slightly.


Comes with an organza pouch to store your Half MALA.

Energy Shielding Half MALA Necklace