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One-of-a-kind MALA necklace, hand knotted with 108 (8mm) high quality, natural gemstone beads featuring beautiful Iolite and Picture Jasper.


Soul Exploration + Connect to Earth MALA is hand knotted on durable nylon, Montana blue thread. It features silver plated round Guru bead and spacer beads, and a handmade 100% cotton Montana blue tassel.


Iolite: Inner wisdom, facilitates soul exploration, activates third eye vision and true-self creative expression, balances body, mind and spirit.


Picture Jasper: Mother Earth, harmony, brings hidden feelings to the surface, deeply grounding and supportive.


Our MALAs hang approximately 18.5" (47cm) from front of neck, including the tassel. The length is approximate as each MALA is unique and their length may vary slightly.


Comes with a lovely gift box and an organza pouch to store your MALA.

Soul Exploration + Connect to Earth MALA Necklace